Welcome to Jakarta’s Road : “Salah Jalur part sekian :D”

ok guys… here me, a girl who just drive a motor cicle for three months ago. Of course you know, it’s JAKARTA, not TASIKMALAYA even my village RAWA….

some experiences I had ever felt such as happy, sad, nervous, guilty, regret etc.
But hey guys…. it’s so cool to know JAKARTA wih its view, yes in the morning, afternoon, in the middle of the day, rainy times also night I almost ever been there… yeahh… in the road just by my self.

For some people, may be JAKARTA is terrible, scary place, crowded, full of wickedness and so on……. so what is jakarta in my mind? ofcourse, it’s same as what you guest…. terrible, crowded, scary etc.

In that case, I can’t go some places in JAKARTA just by my self…………….. but now friends, everything should change. I can go somewhere, some places, some areas just by my self… only my self and my own “MIO J”. Eventually, I feel scary, nervous and so many feelings filled in my mind. 😀

Many experiences I had had since I drove the motorcycle to arround jakarta, depok also tangerang. you know??? My bad habbits and troubles are unfocused, easy come easy go for the address so always get stuck in the wrong track haha… 😀 and the worst habbit if I’m got a ride on a motorcycle is “SLEEPY till SLEEPING 😐

and for TODAY, I was nervous to go a new place without somebody else behind me.. hmm I felt worry where I was, I felt “is it the way?” I didn’t care anything except “I feel I’m in my own way” so I just rode n finally I got you beib “BLOK M SQUARE, the place where I met some body else of my friends to go to the movie… watching the amazing of spiderman 4 #but I found some terribles in the movie, what? it’s not in my age story [some kissing shown in the movie… it made me uncomfortable during the showing ] Ok forget about it……..

by the minutes I must back to my dormitory, hmm……. no one wanna ride wih me, because I didn’t take any helmet…….furthermore by my courageous…….. I was going back alone, and many traffic regulations I violated them.. sorry mr.police it wasn’t my desire to violate the rules 😉 

The time was about 08.39 p.m I started going back from BLOK M, and by the minutes about 09.10 p.m I arrived safely in my lovely dormitory. ALHAMDULILLAH WA BIHAMDIH………… It won’t be repeated anymore. Insyaalloh……

For now, I need some navigate, GPS, a map that should show me the way back home exactly, because in my habbitually I know the way to go, but I don’t know the way back home…….. 😀

be thankful, be patient in every state of yours ^^,



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